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A lesson I have learned after many years of travel is to reel in my ambitions on the first and last nights of my trips. Although they could not travel more than four miles per hour, they were effective tools on the open battlefield. So there’s four of us in product design and a design manager that essentially work with the entire engineering organization and the entire products organization. And so, we really kind of play a facilitation sort of role, I think because one of the things I really hate about the job title “design” is that it implies you are the person that designs everything and that’s not the case at somewhere like Heroku, right? Alasdair Monk: But a company like this, everyone designs the product, right? Alasdair Monk: They didn’t even invite me in I just sat behind a curtain. Alasdair Monk: What have you been paying me to do all these years? Alasdair Monk: And as we’ll have more experience of working this way, we’re just kind of getting more efficient, getting better.

Chris Castle: Yeah. Do you think there’s anything uniquely challenging for someone working on user experience design or product design as compared to the engineers who work remotely at Heroku? So, to be fair, some of the challenges I think we’ve faced, in the past whenever we wanted to hire someone is to think, okay it would be helpful to incorporate someone junior to the team. Annie Sexton: My name is Annie Sexton and I’m on the core support team so Jon, over here, is my manager. Alasdair Monk: My name is Alasdair Monk. Alasdair Monk: And I think that model works really well in place of the office environment, where it’s very easy to just go in every day and see what the goals are you’re constantly talking about them or you hear people talking about what they’re up to etc., etc. So, I don’t think like much has changed in the last 18 months other than we’ve just got better at it, to be honest.

The Network is not a Technology, but a place for expression, for relation, for communication and possibility. I saw a demonstration yesterday, where they only carried flags while walking in silence and in peace, so we will have to wait, maybe when I come back from the mountain the country has a new democratic constitution, it would be a great progress. While in Egypt in 1986, I visited the Cairo museum and gave a copy of my article, along with a business card, to the director of the museum. When choosing a card, think about your spending patterns. I had previously worked at a start-up in London, we were all on our first, we didn’t have any distributed employees and I think in my first 12 months at the company, I just had no idea what I was doing. Raúl Barroso: The decision, I don’t think it was that hard because basically by having all the contacts about what the teams were doing and all that, it wasn’t that difficult. Raúl Barroso: What, what?

Raúl Barroso: Where, as a remote employee, it was more like, okay, do I do it at home, should I have my own desk, or should I find a co-working space? Raúl Barroso: And in terms of what I miss the most, for instance when the office was really crowded, so I had difficulties on focus, so I don’t miss the noise I guess is what I’m trying to say. The authors say their model could be used to predict left-handedness in nearly any group, from sports players to city dwellers, and even to animal species. I didn’t really like that either because you feel even more the difference between their office and their environment and they’re all hanging out and having beers and you’re just sort of like, “hi, how’s it going? I’m sitting in the corner as well”. Alasdair Monk: So, one of the things I call out in the blog post is the V2MOM process and how that’s kind of combined. We can talk more but let’s switch to Alasdair now. We have 30 minutes and we only talk about work at those 30 minutes.