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  • January 19, 2020
  • Things to Consider When Hiring a DJ for Your Event

    Grace your event with a lot of music from the DJ for he or she will lighten the mood of the guests through the event. Here are things to consider when hiring a DJ for your event.

    Find out who the agency or the manager of the DJ will send to your event and insist that they assure you that they will not change the person on that day. The agency should be transparent with you if the DJ will not make it to your event and allow you to select from its other DJs before you make your booking. You need to be very specific with the type of DJ you need for your event by minoring to qualifications like age, gender, religion, nationality, has a passion for specific music genre and more because the DJ should connect with the audience through the music.

    Request the agency of the DJ to provide you with a written agreement, and both of you should sign it in the presence of each other. Sign the contract only after going through it for a few days to understand the terms and conditions of the services of the DJ or agency. You will need the contact in the future to defend yourself against the complaints that the agency or the DJ may have against you. The contract can be used to get justice for yourself if the DJ does not turn up on the day of the event, entertains the guests for fewer hours than the agreed-upon hours or they breach the contract in any other way.

    Hire an experienced person for you to get professional services. The experienced DJ or agency can warn you against problems that may arise during the event and help you to solve them in advance because they have experienced so many challenges at events that have enabled them to learn. The DJ or agency will advise you on the most appropriate time to play which type of music, the public address systems that should grace the venue, the best location in the venue for him or her to set up his devices, the size of dance floor that you need and so on.

    The DJ must be confident enough to make public announcements during the event. During weddings and corporate events, guests need guidance and the easiest way is to make public announcements therefore if you want to save money let the DJ play the role of the emcee too to avoid hiring an emcee.

    The DJ or agency must have a backup system to take care or emergency technical problems that the system at the event may get. The DJ must have two systems at the venue for an automatic shift or take less time to shift to another system if one fails to avoid wasting time and ruining the event because if guests have to wait for another system to be transported to the venue, that will lower their mood for the celebrations.

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